Shelf/ Pantry $10 Makeover



Introduction: Shelf/ Pantry $10 Makeover

The previous owner painted the laundry room shelves dark green for some reason... a complete mismatch with the tile countertop so I decided to paint it white with a modern "backsplash" fabric backing. I wanted vinyle decals but those are difficult to apply and spendy. Fabrics are somewhat strechy and gives more leeway for errors. Fabric remanents are cheap too.

Step 1: Things You Need

Fabris of your choice. Lighter ones are easier to work with. Got mine from walmart remanents clearance for $2.5

Liquid starch - less than $3, used about half bottle for this project.

Scissors for trimming fabric to size

Box cutter

Tape measure

Paint and paint brush if you need to paint the shelves like i did....

Step 2: Paint the Shelves (optional)

it looking much better already but I would like to make it pop...

Step 3: Trim, Soak and Apply

Trim the fabric to fit the area you want to cover, leave about half to one inch on all sides for adjustments. If you have a pattern that need to match at the seams (like mine), leave at least one pattern worth of extra so you can match it. Mark the front side with a pen or something... for geometric and symmetric patterns like mine, it is impossible to identify front and back after it is wet since the back side would darken. I learned from

Soak the fabric in liquid starch with a gallon zip top bag, massage the bag until completely soaked. Squeeze out excess so it is still wet but not dripping. Apply to the wall, it sticks on very easily, do this until it is completely covered. Let dry overnight.

Step 4: Trim Excess Fabric and Touch Up

Use utility knife to trace around the edges, the fabric is now very stiffed and should be easy to cut. Make sure the knife is sharp.

If any of the edges starting to fray or not completely stick to the wall, apply some more liquid starch and press against to wall. After this you are done!

To remove, just spray with water and peel back. You can actually change the fabric with the season since it is so easy to do! Only took me one weekend to finish this including painting. It can be done within a day if you start early.

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