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Introduction: Shelf (re)design - Cheap Home Edition

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Hello everyone,

this is not another tutorial how to make a shelf, these are actually steps how to build your own idea.

For example, I took my shelf, which has no purpose and only occupies the space of my room. We gonna redesign my shelf and try to make something better, and more usefully.

And, don't worry, this gonna be one short tutorial.

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Step 1: Start the Project

Okay folks,

we need to disassemble a shelf, it is first step in our project.
Please be careful, when separating parts from each other, you need to be gentle.

After that, you need to find new place for your new shelf.

I decided to join my new shelf with a desk, and now we can start with preparation for build the project.

Step 2: Choose the Best Solution

Preparation for build the shelf, consist from:

  • measuring
  • thinking
  • sketching
  • drawing

The best option, before you start with "hard work", is to create your idea in CAD program.

For CAD drawing and modeling I have used Fusion 360 from Autodesk.
In this software you can produce 2D drawings, 3D models, rendering and animation.

First you need is to import measures into software, then you need to create parts, and after that play with parts to create best solution (idea) for your shelf.

After you make all of that, you need to collect all new measures to create, actually to cut new parts from original parts for your new shelf, and after that you can start with assembling.

Step 3: Build a Project

To build your project, you need to:

  • produce new parts
  • figure out how to connect all that parts
  • and try to avoid any damage

The main tool we need for this project:

  • jigsaw
  • grinder
  • drill and
  • auxiliary tool that will facilitate the work

For those which have more professional tools, it will be easier to create something like this.

For connection of parts, use the:

  • wooden dowels
  • screws

For assembling we need to:

  1. make holes for dowels
  2. make holes for screws
  3. simply follow the order of the assembling of parts, which you create in CAD program
  4. and use a glue for wooden dowels

Step 4: How It Looks on the End...

This is the end, folks.

Here is my new shelf, and at the place of the old shelf came lazy bag for chill out.

Everything fit perfectly, and now I can start with new project.

I want to apologize for grammar mistakes, and best regards.

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    3 years ago

    Great repurposing idea! How many of us throw out perfectly usable furniture because we can't see past what it is NOW? Good job, TiborR :)