Introduction: Shelter

Off grid semi-permanent shelter in the woods

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Step 1:

Gather materials:
Reclaimed twin-line clear roofing material
H4 treated 100mmx100mm posts 2.4m
H3 treated 100mmx50mm at aproximately 3.2m
Packing timber various lengths used for side rails and attatching clear roofing to side rails.
Corrugated Iron sheets

Step 2:

Dig post holes where required then place posts and nail/screw 100x50 rails into horizontal position. Allowing approximately 350mm overhang for eaves on two center uprights.

Step 3:

At this point I would suggest attaching corrugated iron to sides before attaching roofing material. To reduce size of iron sheets I used a hammer and nail and punched holes across width of sheet then basically just try and fold/rip the piece off.

Step 4:

Add rafters and attach roofing material. I found I needed to use a few more lengths to keep the joins tight and support the structure.
I may go back over this and use thicker timber in the future.

Step 5: This Is a Ongoing Project Quite a Walk Through Thick Bush So Hence the Scarcity of Reasonable Tools and Facilities. This Is a Earlier Photo Before the Chosen Site Was Cleared

Step 6:


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