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Introduction: Shelving Twig

About: (love to share) some projects simply translate or modification of an existing project

I do pruning a tree branch Manilkara zapota because it is too close to electrical wires and think to make shelf

prepare strap (length adjustable)

1 tree trunk twigs



2 umbrella nails (nailing twigs on the wall /can use other means, adjust to the wall)

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Step 1: Pruning

twigs and tree trunks were outside for approximately 3 months and are in the timber storage 1 month

make sure the wood is dry

drying treatment may be different depending on the weather (my country's tropical climate)/

You can find references about the treatment of wood on the web

Step 2: Find Twigs

find a stick that has three branches

Step 3: Create Coaster

wood saws logs and create coaster if you have a round rod sideways cut in order to obtain results oval

I use several different wooden coaster (of the storage timber behind my house)

drill coaster on the sides 4 holes (hole adapted to the rope, so that if it can withstand knotted coaster)

use a hard wood that when sawed surface is smooth and lint, when using soft wood when sawed would stringy and hard to mashed

drill coaster on the sides 4 holes (hole adapted to the rope, so that if it can withstand knotted coaster)

you can do the finishing coat of paint or maybe let it look natural (I let it look natural)

Step 4: Assembly

pairs of spikes on branches

twigs nail in the wall (adjust coaster before nailing)

if the walls could not be nailed maybe you can use a screw (give me comments or possible link to the installation of accessories on the wall for reference for others)

Step 5: Installation Coaster

adjust for horizontal coaster

when the branch or rope you use slippery, make a square knot at the end of the rope at the twig

proceed with installing coaster bottom

Step 6: Finish

place the coaster on top, attach and adjust for proper and horizontal

make sure when you put the book centered

You can put any accessories or enough to put on coaster

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