Shield Your Laptop Screen From the Sun Using Household Objects

Intro: Shield Your Laptop Screen From the Sun Using Household Objects

When the Sun's out and you are working from a laptop, sometimes the brightness makes it hard to see the screen. You can buy a viser or hood for around £20-£40, but you could try this little hack using items you probably have around the house.

For this, you will need:

A cardboard box. Most households have a few boxes lying around. I used a box of detergent for this.

A pair of scissors.

A roll of sellotape. I couldn't find any around the house so I bought some for £1.

Step 1: Simply cut out vertical strips from the cardboard box. In my example, the box pieces were too short to cover the entire laptop, so I had to do it twice.

Step 2: Sellotape the pieces of cardboard over the top of the laptop.

For added protection from the Sun, you can do the same for the sides of the laptop.

Although not perfect, this hack will allow you to see the screen much clearer when working on a bright day. This can also work if you are working in an office and the Sun is shining through the window.

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