Shimmer Stud Earrings

Introduction: Shimmer Stud Earrings

This instructable will show you how to make earrings using beads and glitter.

The method for the instructable was to achieve a more neutral look.

Feel free to pick a mix of bright colored glitter to make your earrings pop even more!

Enjoy :)

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Step 1: Gather Materials

For this instructable you will need the following:

1) beads the size that you want your earrings to be. Make sure at least one side of them has a flat section.

(I purchased a Bead Gallery string of beads from Michaels. The brown label strings of beads are normally $7.99, however, I found these beads in the clearance section and they were $2.99. And right now for a short time, your Michaels location might be giving 50% off orange and green clearance labels!)

2) flat post earrings
(I purchased a 60 piece pack from Michaels)

3) earring backs
(Michaels sells a few kinds of earring backs. I got the kind that has the circles of plastic on them)

4) paper plate

5) E6000 glue

6) crystal clear acrylic spray

(I purchased the Krylon brand of this)

7) glittery/metallic nail polish in any color you want

8) small amount of glitter in a a few colors

I will be using copper, gold, silver (not pictured) and a little blue.

(I have a small pack of glitter that was a part of a glitter sample pack from Michaels)

9) newspaper
(To protect newsletter)

10) paper towel (optional)

11) Q-tip(s) (Optional)

12) scissors
(For opening the beads and glitter (if needed))

The first picture is all of the materials and the second picture is a close up of the earring components and beads.

Step 2: Protect Your Workspace

spread newspaper out on your work space. This newspaper will protect your work surface from glue and glitter!

Step 3: Prepare to Glue Earring Posts to Beads

Cut beads apart and open your pack of flat post earrings.

Take 2 beads and 2 flat post earrings and set everything else aside.

Open glue and squeeze a small amount onto your paper plate.

My glue bottle is sealed shut so I will cut part of the end of the tube off and squeeze some of the glue out onto a paper plate.

Get a q-tip ready. We will use it to apply the glue

Step 4: Glue Posts to Beads

Put a little glue on one side of each bead.

Immediately put a little glue on each post.

Wait a minute. Letting the glue get tacky will help it stay glued together better.

Put a glued post onto glued side of first bead.

Put second glued post onto the second bead.

Wipe off any glue that has moved onto the back of the flat part of the post (the part that will be next to your ear). We want to wipe this glue away now so your ears won't be uncomfortable when they are finished!

Let these dry completely.

We attached the posts first because that will make it easier to paint the beads with glitter later.

Step 5: Start Glitter-fying Your Earrings!

As mentioned in the previous step, I will work on one earring then the next.

To prepare for this step, pour a very small amount of glitter (of eAch color you want to use) onto your paper plate.

Glitter application:
1) paint bead with nail polish (hold the post to make this easiest) then immediately 2) sprinkle a little glitter of each color onto the earring. Remember that the glitter can only stick to where there is wet nail polish. Keep that in mind while you are sprinkling!

I can't do these steps and and take pictures at the same time but I will show the completed product after each section of this step.

After you have painted and applied glitter to your earrings, let them dry. This shouldn't take a long time because you used nail polish.

Step 6: Seal the Glitter Onto the Earrings

Lightly spray a coat of the acrylic spray onto the bead part of your earrings.

Let them dry.

Spray another light coat onto them.

Let them dry again.

Step 7: Put the Backs on and Go!

Take 2 earring backs out of your package and use them to wear your new earrings!

These shimmery earrings can be worn dressed up or worn to elevate an otherwise casual outfit!

Hope you enjoyed this instructable!


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