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Introduction: Shimmering Paper Ball Ornaments

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After all my ornament making, my tree was still a bit barren. So I had one more ornament to make to help make it complete! I used the same non breakable ornaments since I have cats who just can't resist a ball on a tree.

Step 1:

What you'll need:

Mod Podge
Book Paper

Rig up some device so the ornaments hang and dry. I used two milk crates with a broom shoved in between them.

Step 2:

Rub a small amount of mod podge onto the front of the ornament.

I used a dictionary for my book pages, so I cut out the little pictures in the dictionary and attached it to the front of each ornament.

Then apply more mod podge and apply more paper.

Keep going until the entire ornament is covered.

Step 3:

You can leave them like that, or you can continue on to to lightly coat them in a dusting of glitter.

Then let them dry.

Put some mod podge on the top of the ornament.

Then coat it in glitter.

Then you are all done! Super simple, but really messy to make.

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