Shining Rocks (solar Lamps)



This is sth for those who love garden parties.

I will show how you can design your own 3d printed shining rock.

(Picture you see is not a photo, it's just a drawing. But your rocks may look just like this.


Step 1: Tinkercad

Open tinkercad in your browser (it's free)

Draw sphere and change size if you want.

Step 2: Making Rock Empty Inside

To make it empty inside put hole sphere inside rock

Step 3: Group

Now select all (Ctrl+A) and group.

Step 4: Making Space to Place Solar Lamp

Now put cylinder hole (it can be any hole shape) on the bottom of rock. There wiill be space for placing solar lamp (or any led light - you can even use outdor christmas bulbs).

Step 5: Choose Transparent or Non-transparent

Now think whether you like transparent or non-transparent material to be used to print your rock (transparent may be more expencive).

For transparent material you cna leave as it is.

For non-transparent material you have to make some holes (put holes in places you like to have them and select all and group)

Step 6: Name and Save

Name it in Prosperities and dovnload for 3d printing.

Step 7: Fixing

Place solar lamp on the ground (or other led lamp for outdor use).

Cover with rock.

Invite friends and start garden party:))))))))))

Step 8: Tip

Make smaller rocks witch hooks so you can hang them on christmas bulbs

Step 9:

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Step 10:

Step 11:



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