Shiny Eyes Look Full Makeup Tutorial

Introduction: Shiny Eyes Look Full Makeup Tutorial

Hello, girls!

First of all - Happy new year to all of you!

With a new year, I am starting making makeup video tutorials!

This video shows how I did my makeup for a NYE!

Cosmetics Used In This Video :

  • Prestige primed&ready face primer
  • Fit me Maybelline 220 powder
  • CHANEL natural finish loose powder
  • The body shop radiant highlighter
  • Too Faced The bronzed the beautiful bronzers
  • Too Faced Chocolate Bar
  • MAC global glow highlighter
  • MAC soft&gentel highlighte

  • Fit me maybelline 20 concealer
  • Bourjois ultra black twist
  • PUPA very vintage blush trio
  • Make up store lipstick in pretty
  • Nivea lipstick in pure diamond
  • Essence lipliner red blush
  • Ebony catwalk concealer
  • Loreal fresh grenadine

Let me know what do you think! And thank you for watching!

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