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If you are bored of how your old planter looks, and have at least one useless cd, this instructable is for you.

I'm going to show you how to give a second chance to a cd by turning it into mosaic.

This technique is perfect for a planter, because it will be near a window, the mosaics will reflect the sun and create a beautiful effect. You´ll like it so much, that you´ll want to make the same with other items too, like mason jars, frames, or even a whole table top!

I used to make real glass mosaic, and unlike that, with CDs you won't need special tools, and with CDs the final product will be lighter.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Old CDs

Heavy duty scissors

A planter

Silicone adhesive

Step 2: Cut

Start by cutting out the CD in pieces, I found it's easier if the shiny part is facing down.

I wanted squares, it you can make triangles, and even mix big pieces with little ones. It's your design, make it the way you like!

Step 3: Glue

Put a little bit of silicon glue on the planter.

Use one big piece of cd, the one remaining from the centre, for spreading out the glue.

Glue square by square. When you've finished that section, put glue to the next one carefully because the cds may move.

Continue gluing the CDs until you finish.

Step 4: Optional

Other variations of this technique is to put grout once you finish, I like mine as is, I like how the natural color of the planter can be seen in between the mosaics.

Finally add your plant and enjoy the pretty colours of your new planter.

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