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Introduction: Shiny Wallet

About: Cosplayer and artist, i also enjoy making neat stuff out of Legos. You can follow me on Twitter (@TheMagicalMark) to check out more of my artwork.

This will show you how too make an awesome shiny wallet.

It has the normal wallet features, a bill pocket and four credit card pockets

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Step 1: Materials and Tools.


You'll need glittery/shiny laminate, (i got mine at a laminate specific store, you can probably find it at some craft stores.)

Cut 10 pieces out with the following measurements:
  1. 7 1/2 x 6 in.
  2. 11 x 4 in.
  3. 7 1/2 x 3 in.
  4. 7 7/8 x 4 in.
  5. 3 2/8 x 3 in.(two of these.)
  6. 4 x 3 in.(two of these)
  7. 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 in. (two of these.)
You'll notice each one is numbered, that's important.

  • scissors
  • ruler

Step 2: Main Sheet

First Take part 1 peel the backing off and carefully fold it in half.

Step 3: Money Pocket

Line piece 2 up with piece 3 as shown but do not stick them together yet.

Cut out the corners on piece 2 where 3 touches.

Step 4:

Now peel off both 2 and 3 backing and stick there sticky sides together.

Step 5:

Lay piece one in the middle of the first part of the pocket, lined up with the top.

Step 6:

Now fold all the edges in.

and now you got the bill pocket!

Step 7: Credit Card Pocket 1

Get pieces 4 and 5.

Step 8:

These will be credit card pockets on the sides of the wallet

Lay the 5s on 4 as shown. (don't stick yet)

Step 9:

Now peel 4 and 5 baking of and stick the sticky sides together, line them up in accordance with step 8.

Step 10:

Place the main part of the wallet on top of the credit pockets and fold the flaps on the top and bottom in on the wallet.

Step 11:

Now you're finished with the side pockets!

Step 12: Front Credit Card Pocket

Now we'll be adding the front card pockets, for this you need pieces 6 and 7.

Step 13:

Like before lay the pieces out as shown, then peel and stick the backs together.

Step 14:

Stick the finished parts on the front of the wallet, keep the open ends centered.

Step 15: Done!

Now your finished!

Use it, give it away, enjoy!

Bonus uses.
  • Weak signal mirror
  • Cut eye holes in it, not-so-low-profile glitter mask!
  • Ward off enemy's by blinding them
  • Hang from ceiling, Disco ball!
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    Thanks! I guess lego isn't the only thing I'm good at!