Shipwheel Wreath 2.0




Introduction: Shipwheel Wreath 2.0

Improved upon the original tutorial, this time with pre-made ship wheel.

This tutorial will instruct in how to build the ship wheel, and decorate it with nautical items such as;
glass floats, netting and shellfish.

Completion Time (minus drying/cooling time): 30 minutes

Skill level: Easy

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Step 1: Supplies

Supplies for this project can be bought at the following places; Thrift stores, craft stores and dollar stores.
-Unpainted Ship Wheel (AC Moore, Seasonal Section)

-Shells & starfish

-Thin rope (Michaels, Scrapbooking section)


-Clear X-mas ornaments (see Glass Float tutorial for instructions on dyeing)

-Hotglue sticks and gun

-Small floral leaves that look like seaweed & seagrass (Michaels, Home Decor/Seasonal section)

-Paint (mixed to make two shades of brown/gray)

-Dark gray pearl stickers (AC Moore, Scrapbooking section)

How to save money on supplies:

Hit up the Dollar Tree (or similar place) first, purchase a bag of medium/small shells, netting if you can find it in the summer, x-mas ornaments to turn into glass floats (see Glass Float tutorial), small grassy floral, sea star and hot glue sticks.

Then hit up the Thrift stores (best to do this out of season, when summer items will be on discount because it's October/January/March ect).

Last, but certainly not least, the Craft store (Michaels, ACMoore, and Joann's): They accept each others' coupons, abuse the system to your advantage (Hobby Lobby does not accept competitor coupons)!

Step 2: Paint the Wheel

The pre-made wheel started off with a blonde wood color, so I painted over it with a light grayish-tan, which is what dried, washedup wood looks like. Then used a fan-style paint brush to dry brush on some white "sun-bleached" streaks. This gives the wheel a very aged look.

-Wheel base

-Tan, gray and white acrylic paint

-Paint brushes

Step 3: Wrapping in Rope

To get the classic knotted rope part near the handles, use thin, raw rope from the Scrapbooking section. Not the rope they sell near the seashells, this decorative rope is easier and cheaper to work with.

Start by gluing the end of the rope to the back of a handle base on the wreath. The apex of the ring and spoke.

From there, begin wrapping the rope diagonally across the joint in an X pattern. When you feel satisfied with the thickness, cut the rope and glue the other end to the back as well.

Step 4: Netting

Haphazardly cut your netting, trust me, it will look better frayed.

Begin placing your cuts of netting in places where they can hang and drape freely over
and through the spokes of the wheel.

Glue the netting to the backside of the wheel when you are satisfied with their placement.

Step 5:

Before gluing the greenery, glass floats and shells onto the wreath, play around with the placement of things.

Think about how heavy your wheel will be, if it will tilt a certain way, how you want your shells to be oriented.

Don't glue anything until you have a plan, take a picture of it so you remember what your design looks like, because you will have to remove everything and glue from the back to the forefront.

Take apart your greenery, cut any excess wire or bits you don't want or
would like to use elsewhere, and glue glue the greenery next. Place your shells and starfish wherever you would like on the wheel. I used the starfish to help hold some of the netting in place and used a large clam shell to hide the greenery wires.Slap your pearl stickers inside a clam shell or along the wheel.

Lastly, I hung the glass floats over one of the wheel's handles, letting them hang freely over the long stretch of netting.

Step 6: Stand and Appreciate Your Work

Use a chenille wire to create a loop on the back of the wreath, with which to hang your wheel
on a hook or door hangar.
You've done it!
Bask in the skillfulness of your beautiful Ship Wheel wreath!
Find a door or wall to hang it on so your friends can appreciate your artistic talent as well. Enjoy!

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4 years ago on Introduction

amazing :) thanx for sharing .

i love every thing about beach , it even goes with my beach candle DIY :)

I will try this soon :) it will be a theme


Excellent artifact, actually a ship's wheel is rather complex to make so this is a good presentation.