Shirred Towel Cover-up Dress!




Introduction: Shirred Towel Cover-up Dress!

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Shirred Towel Cover-up Dress!

The perfect Beachwear!
Everyone likes to wrap themselves in a towel after swimming!

This cover-up dress is best!

With simple straps that match her swimsuit...she is ready to go from the beach or pool!
Perfect for wearing to a picnic or fun place that you "might" get wet!

Just look at that tan!

Step 1: Supplies:

Okay, you'll need some basic sewing skills.

You'll have to sew "straight"'ll at least get lots of practice!


Sewing machine

Top thread

Elastic thread

empty bobbin

Lightweight towel (heavy plush towels will not work well...think cheap!)

Some double folded bias tape, ribbon or something for straps (optional)

Iron with steam setting

Step 2: Shirring or Smocking!

I've never smocked or shirred anything before.
It's actually very simple.

Here's the trickiest part:

Hand wind the elastic thread around your bobbin.

**If you have a "drop in" bobbin--like a Brother machine, like me,
you'll need to add a slight pull while wrapping**

This may take the most tweaking as every sewing machine is different.

Once your bobbin is wound, get it set in the machine...

with regular thread through the needle.

Step 3: Let Sewing Commence!

Now, the towel.
Again, plush is not your friend. It wont gather it for showering off.

But a thin, cheap towel is the best. You could even upcycle some old towels!

You'll sew down the side that you would typically wrap around your body.

Set your stitch length at the longest stitch setting.

Now line up that presser foot right on the edge and sew a few stitches.

Backstitch and then sew the entire row.
The line up the presser foot next to the row you just

did...and sew, the row! REPEAT!

I had to wind myself a new bobbin about every 4 to 5 rows of stitching.

It just barely gathered.
I was nervous it wasn't getting enough of a gather...but it worked out great!

Keep going!

Depending on who you are making this can
decide how much width of shirring you want.

I did 32 rows!

Step 4: Iron and Steam


Iron with steam.
The elastic thread will scrunch up more when it's ironed and steamed.

So go over all your stitches.

Step 5: Final Seam!

Now...before you start trimming strings...
Lay the right sides of the towel together, lining up the back seams.

Sew down that edge twice...really locking in all that elastic.

Then trim all those threads!

Step 6: Halter or Straps???

You can use as a halter...or add some straps to prevent slippage.

We used pink double fold bias tape to match her swim suit!

Step 7: Go Somewhere Exotic!

She loves it!
We are ready for an exotic getaway now! :)

Perfect beach cover-up that was just made from a towel!

Check out my blog Doodlecraft for more fun! :)

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Very cute :-).

    Well 'Best Friend' lol , yes voted :-) make your way to Sri Lanka! You've got beaches, you've got mountains and you've got whale watching ( though I'm not sure if it's the season or not! some say it's all year through!)


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you! Yes, I love a good knock off project! :)


    6 years ago on Introduction

    So cute Nat! Love the straps - love the idea and shirring on that material - wow! Impressive! I want to make some clothes - too many projects in my mind right now! great job!