Shirt Bag



The shirt bag is a really easy way to make one of your favorite teeshirts that does't fit you anymore into something that you can keep forever!!!

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Step 1: Cutting the Shirt

First you need to cut the sleeves off of the shirt. If you want you can cut the neckline lower , I personally like it the neckline on the bag to be cut low. Then on the bottom of the shirt cut as many strips as you can all 3 inches long.

Step 2: Tying the Strips

Now that you have cut all of the strips at the bottom of the shirt you now need to tie knots in all of the strips. If you want your bag to look cool and if you want it to last longer you can slide a bead onto it before you tie the knot. The knot is just a basic double knot. After you have finished all the knots you have a wonderful bag and your ready to go!!!

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