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These shirt folder helpers are pretty cool. I made mine out of cardboard and duct tape but you could make it out of stronger materials for a more perminent set up. This worked surprisingly good, the point of it is to help fold clothes faster. I found if you have all your shirts flattened that it helps fold them faster and better than I would by hand. all That you do is make 6 squares the size of a tee shirt folded. Then just tape all the six pieces of card board together as the pictures show.

cutting card board

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Step 1: Supplies:

Card board

Duct tape

razor blade or cutters

Step 2: Folding:

Start with shirt face down on card board lay out.

Step 3: Folding Right Side

Fold the right two side squares over folding the right third of the shirt over the center third.

Step 4: End of 1st Fold

This is what your first fold will look like.

Step 5: Folding Left Side

Now you want to fold over the left two squares folding over the left third of the shirt over the center third.

Step 6: End of Second Step:

Now both the right and left thirds of the shirt should be folded over the center third.

Step 7: 3rd Fold

Now that both the sides are folded over the center two cardboard squares you wanna fold the bottom have of shirt over top half of the shirt.

Step 8: End of Third Step

Now your shirt will look like this in a folded shape upside down.

Step 9: Last Step:

Now just fold the top middle piece of card board down to get your shirt face up.

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    Not bad and I thought of doing this myself. I googled first and saw this.