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Ties certainly are a fail-safe gift on Father's Day, so why not feature them in your card this year? Simple and sweet, this shirt and tie card is sure to make Dad smile.

Also, the shirt pattern can be worked off of pretty easily. Invites to a luau? Find paper that looks like a Hawaiian shirt. Geeky friend? Add a pocket protector and some leaky pens. Bond, James Bond? Make a blazer, cummerbund, and get the idea.

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Step 1: Materials

Turns out you don't need much to make this card:
  • 1 sheet legal-seized paper (8 1/2-by-14-inch)
  • some patterned paper for the tie
  • scissors
  • optional: glue
I didn't have any decorative paper that was big enough for the shirt, so I simply opted for some standard white paper from my printer, and some origami paper for the tie.

Step 2: Make Your Shirt!

If you're working with patterned paper for your shirt, place it facedown. Otherwise, go ahead and fold in half vertically. Unfold. Line up left edge with centerline fold, and crease. Do the same on the right side, and unfold.

Step 3:

Fold the top-left corner in and line it up with the nearest crease, making a triangle.  Do the same thing on the right side. 

Step 4:

Pinch together outside points of each triangle so they meet, and crease. Make sure you're only creating the fold on the triangle.

*note: holding a camera in one hand while folding with the other causes for some awkward photos. If you're using both hands, this will go smoother than my pictures let on.

Step 5:

While still pinching the triangles, fold down the top edge. It should fall into place nicely (see pictures), so go with it.

These are your sleeves! 

Step 6:

Turn paper upside down, and flip. Fold down a tiny bit of the top edge.

This is your collar!

Step 7:

Flip paper over again, and fold down the top left and right corners so tips meet at centerline. Now it looks like a collar!

Step 8:

Now simply fold paper so the bottom edge slides under the collar, and you have your completed shirt.

Step 9: Make Your Tie

Making the tie is relatively simple and free form. Simply cut out the desired shape (are you going for skinny black tie? bow tie? up to you!) and glue to the front of the shirt. It's important to glue to just the front of the shirt and not the collar, as you still want to be able to open the card.

Step 10: Make a Note

Write a note, slip it in, address the envelope, seal with a kiss, and send that card off!

Who's the best child ever? You are.

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17 Discussions


3 years ago

It is really cool! I make it for my teacher and he loved it.


3 years ago

I made it but kind of hard. Awesome card to gift my dad.


4 years ago

I loveeee it! i just wish it was a litte more detailed


4 years ago on Step 9

I absolutely love this idea for a card to dad! It surprised him so much that I bet he remembered that time when he opened it....? Thx so much!


5 years ago on Introduction

Not so easy like I think. I have years without make ¨papirofexia¨ and I try so hard. Nice card, thank you for this instructions.

Made this as a Guayabera (Traditional Cuban shirt) as a Hispanic heritage project for my son. It came out awesome!! Thank you for the easy to follow instructions.


6 years ago on Introduction

This instructable has caused me alot of frustration!!! Arghhhhh


6 years ago on Introduction

Steps 4-5 are very confusing!!! Very helpful instructable though!


8 years ago on Introduction

You're really stepping up the sibling rivalry Father's Day gift arms race.