Shnitzel Sniper




Introduction: Shnitzel Sniper

yes, shnitzel has no purpose for guns, but my friend at school always says shnitzel. It fires 200ft and is accurate for 50ft. if you want me to, i will post instructions, even though all you need to do is make the frame and put the trigger and supports on.



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    also when i post instructions i made the barrel longer but you dont have to, you can make it as long as you want. the longer you make it the farther it goes BUT the longer the barrel, the faster rubber bands will break =(

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    mmmmm, a schnitzel sounds good right now, i heart schnitzel...

    i think if you put a slide on the top, then it could amazingly fire yellow connectors. infact, i might make this. when posted blates

    This gun looks very powerful post itimmedately! btw did the red connector with a red rod attacted have fins on like a sniper round?

    I would most likely build it if you posted instructions p.s. dont post them in slide show format

    well the mechanism works by a peice that blocks the two white connectors from spinning. the rubberband is connected on them. when you pull the trigger it pulls the piece and the rubberbands fire a red connector on a red rod. ill show on the instructions.

    Looks good and powerful but you need to post an instructable instead of just pictures. What is the trigger mechanism like?