Shock Absorption Metal Robot Car Chassis for Arduino Raspberry

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Product Parameters:

Name: Shock Absorption robot tank chassis TS100

Material: aluminum alloy

Surface treatment: sandblasting oxidation

Motor: 9V 150rpm with encoderColor: black

Wheel: metal

Track: engineering plastic

Product size: 270*255*90mm(L*W*H)

Weight: 1100g

Maximum load: 5kg

Package included:1*robot tank chassis TS100

Free sent:18650 battery box

Acrylic Plate


now can be got at amazon:USA, UK, DOIT Shop

the full assembling document can be downloaded at our wiki:

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Step 1: Installation for Bearing Wheel (one TS100 Needs 10pcs Bearing Wheel)

a) material for one bearing wheel:

1)17mm copper pillar: 3pcs

2)M3*8 screw: 6pcs

3)stainless steel connector: 1pcs

4)M2 screw: 1pcs

5)cup bearing: 2pcs

6)wheel piece: 2pcs (note: when install the wheel, please let the location hole is aligned with each other)

Step 2: Install the Shock Suspension (the Total Is 8pcs, Including Left and Right 4pcs)

a) Materials when install a shock suspension:

1)installed bearing wheel: 1pcs

2)shock suspension bracket: 1pcs

3)cup bearing: 1pcs

4)M4*8 screw: 2pcs

5)M4 screw nut: 1pcs

6)spring: 1pcs

Step 3: Install the Side Plate


M4*8 screw and nut to fix on the side plate, shown in the following picture

Step 4: Installation a Bearing Wheel to the Side Plate (left and Right)

The wheel can adjust the length of track.

a) Material when install a bearing wheel

1)bearing wheel: 1pcs

2)16mm gasket: 2pcs

3)M4 screw: 1pcs

b) leave enough space to adjust the track when install this bearing wheel to the side plate

Step 5: Summary

a) materails

1) metal panel: 1pcs

2) left and right installed side plate with bearing wheel

3) installed driving wheel: 2pcs

4) motor: 2pcs

5) track: 2pcs

6) M3*12 screw: 8pcs

7) M3 nut: 8pcs

8) M3*10 screw: 4pcs

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