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Hi,this is my fourth instructable,hope you like it. This is a shock machine made out of can trick your friends saying that it is a hand massager or a toy,as soon as your friend keeps his hand on the machine he/she will surely get their shock of the life.

Warning:Do not try this trick on strangers!!!

Step 1: Materials Required.

To make this instructable you will need the following materials:-

  1. aluminium foil
  2. one holder which can carry two AA batteries
  3. two AA batteries
  4. a pair of scissors
  5. a piece of card board
  6. the circuit from a mosquito racket
  7. (you may also need :1. a stapler 2.cello tape

Step 2: The Foil(Part One)

Take two pieces of the foil such that they cover half of the cardboard and make sure that they don't touch each other . on the front side of the card board , where there is gap ,apply a thin strip of cello tape.

Step 3: The Foil(Part Two)

On the back side of the card board ,make sure you leave some gap in the center for the circuit board ,res of the back is to be covered with cello tape ,so that you your self don't get a shock.

Step 4: Connecting the Circuit

At the place where you have left some space connect the two ends of the circuit with the two separate pieces of the foil as shown in the image .Make sure you solder them or staple them nicely. then care fully apply a piece of cello tape on it,just for safety.

Step 5: The Battery Case...

Before adding the battery case just make sure that you fix the case in the proper poles so that there is no short circuit.this step is very simple ,all you have to do is attach the two ends of the circuit to case !!!

Step 6: About to Finish...

When you are done doing the rest of the steps and you have the exact same materials then the back view should look some what like the pic above.

Step 7: Finished!

The side view should look like the above pic.To use this prank hold the card board with the foil side up and when your friend keeps his hand say that it has a heat sensor so it will take a few seconds,when your friend has put his hand on the card board press the button,make sure that the switch is on. Enjoy!(sorry guys I could not make a vedio for you all)-Aakash Mansukhani

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