Shocking Glove

During my exams I always like to tinker with stuff I've got laying. Yesterday I looked around in my attic during one of my brakes and found a bug zapper. Another look around the room showed me a leather glove. And after the gears of creativity started shifting, I thought: Why not create a stylish yet crazy way of pranking my brother? Thus this project came to be.

Step 1: Parts Needed

To start this project you'll need:

-a classy leather glove ( or something less stylish, as long as its insulating)
-a bug zapper (you'll need the electronics inside of his thing. After disassembly it should look like the picture below)
-a battery pack
-some copper upholstery nails (everything from copper studs to bolts will work, but since I was already using a brown leather glove, I figured I could just as well make it classy), the studs I used are usually used when refitting an old chair. You can find them in every hardware store.
-an assortment of wires
-some shrink wrap (working with HV, better insulate it nicely!)

And of course soldering stuff and glue

Step 2: Mechanical Work

Drill some holes through the leather of each finger of the glove (and put a piece of metal in the finger to stop the drill).
Pull wires through the glove (5 in total).
Solder the wires in an alternating pattern (this means that you make sure that always one HV connection is able to come in contact with another HV connection of the High Voltage source).

Now apply some soldering paste to the studs (this really makes it easier to solder them) and solder the studs to the wires. Then glue the studs to the glove with some glue for elastic materials.

Step 3: Electronics

Now take the soldered ends of the wires and attach each group to one of the two HV pins.

Next part is to solder a switch to the positive input of the HV source and connect this switch to a battery pack. Connect the negative side of the battery pack (just two 1.5 volt batteries) to the negative input of the circuit and, hey presto! You got yourself a shocking circuit.

The next part is to fit the electronics in a nice case. I found an old 12V electronic transformer case to be the perfect size. Drill a hole for the switch and one for the led (that was already attached to the HV circuit) and fit it all inside.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

As a finishing touch I took a leather bracelet and attached the transformer casing. This way it will be easier to wear the glove. Just glue them together and you're done with this part.

Now you finished the project! Only thing left to do is testing this thing on yourself. Remember: if you can't handle it: don't make anyone else go through the experience.

It gives you quite a jolt, but nothing worse than that. That's the end of this cool project. Now! Let's high five! ...No wait...better not.



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Wouldn't it be sneakier to put the electronics on your belt or in your jacket, then run wires down your sleeve? That bulky housing would certainly make me suspicious...

    2 replies

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    It's my pacemaker! ;) It would be more sneaky, but I kept that part for my upgrade. I just wanted it ready for the return of my brother :D