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Introduction: Shockwave Air Cannon

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With an old shower curtain or thick trash bag, a bicycle inner tube, and a plastic bucket, you can make your own air cannon for shooting air-missiles. You can blow out candles from across a room! Great for birthday parties where you don't want the birthday kid to spit on the cake!



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    Are you the author of these comics? or are just taking them from the website?

    just wondering, ~british_owl

    Way cool! My son will love the idea of making several for his friends.

    Very cool and easy Instructable. Love the approach with cartoon. You rock ! P.S. This is an other possibility for the making : P.P.S Sorry for the picture quality and my english

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    Er, since the Howtoon is being posted by Howtoons, I'd guess that Howtoons is posting this to generate interest in their work. Since it's apparently posted by the author/ authors company, there is no copyright issue. Please be a bit more careful before slinging arrows. If you are concerned contact Instructables instead of wildly throwing accusations.

    dude, you don't even know if this account IS accociated with howtoons or not, so just be quiet! seriously! look at the username

    howtoons , made popular by MADE mag .... they might not be hes but atleast he got the account name to match ...>.

    and thats copyright infringement. which is even worse than stealing (tho it IS stealing in a sense) >_________


    11 years ago

    you guys know some kind of rig to make it real powerfull?

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    use a 55 gallon drum that is sealed at both ends, cut a hole in the bottom, light a small firework, throw it in, and wait for it to explode.

    Same concept, except use a large trash can. Now instead of beating the plastic, attach a sub woofer. I don't know how well that'd work, but it might make a great instructable!

    Larger diameter diaphragm, stronger force on the diaphragm (stronger diaphragm if it breaks). Also a smaller muzzle hole would probably give you higher velocity.

    How about using a tube from a large tractor or truck tire. Put a finger pull in the center, so you can pull the diaphragm back and release it. The toy as it is, works because tapping the diaphragm decreases the volume slightly. Pulling the diaphragm back would increase the volume slightly along with decreasing the volume as it rebounds past it's neutral position into the can. Just a thought.

    Reminds me of the AirZooka! I can't wait to build that...except that I'll use tie-wraps or something instead of a bike innertube.

    i have something exactly like this, but it's a toy. but it's not a cannon. it's just a gun.

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    11 years ago


    Do anyof you guys know if this could fire a marshmallow gun????