Shoe Box Solar Oven

Introduction: Shoe Box Solar Oven

My partner and I created this solar over as a class project, we had lot of fun designing our solar oven. Solar ovens are used to cook food in a safer way, some benefits of using a solar are that you can design them yourself with the right materials, there's no danger of started a fire, and you don't fuel to cook the food all you need is some sunlight. Some downsides of solar ovens are that they aren't really useful when it's raining and it takes longer to cook certain food, its really based on the temperature.

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Step 1: Cutting the Flap

You need to cut a small flap into the middle of the box. The flap should be a little smaller than the middle of the box.

Step 2: Cover the Inside With Foil

After you cut the flap, next you have to cover the sides of the box with foil and the bottom of the box with black paper to absorb the sunlight and heat.

Step 3: Cover the Flap of the Box With Foil

After you cover the sides and the bottom of the box, next you have to cover the flap of the box with foil so that the sunlight can reflect off it onto the plate.

Step 4: Cover the Middle of the Box

For this step we had initially used plastic wrap to cover the middle part but then we thought it would be better if we used glass to cover the middle to reflect the heat onto the flap.

Step 5:

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    Ocean man
    Ocean man

    4 years ago

    Noice job, hope you can cook something for mua later