Shoe Dye



My Daughter bought a light pair of shoes for the summer,
but said she would have liked the brown pair instead.
The store didn't have any stock of the brown shoe.
Only one way round it.


Step 1: The Stuff

You will need Shoe Dye, Latex or rubber gloves, white spirit, a soft cloth, a dish, and a small brush.
I made the dish out of a soda can.
Make sure you only use leather shoes.

Step 2: The Prep

Clean the shoes with white spirit, and stuff them with news paper.
This is to make sure they keep their shape.

Step 3: The Result

Cover your work area, wear your gloves,
make sure you are in a well ventilated space.
Give the shoes a first coat of dye, try to spread it evenly.
Leave to dry for about an hour.
Give them another coat if needed.
My daughter liked them.



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