Shoe Organizer Cable Organization DIY Hack



Introduction: Shoe Organizer Cable Organization DIY Hack

If you have a drawer full of wires and cables, you probably have a disorganized rat's nest. It can be frustrating to look for the cable you want in a pinch. With this instructable, I'll show you how to use a simple door hanging shoe organizer to separate and sort your cables and various other items.

Step 1: Admit You Have a Problem

After many years of collecting cables and wires, you'll fine you have too many of the same type. It's time to get rid of most and keep a few. Do you really need 50 VGA cables? I try to keep 6 of each on hand. It's hard to throw away stuff, but try to give them away to friends or donate them to someone who needs them. When you have guests come over have them take home a few USB cables. Declutter!

Step 2: ​Over the Door Shoe Organizers

You can find them at most department stores. They are used to store shoes and hung on the back of a door. Find ones that are clear so you can see what's in them. Most will have 24 pouches or pockets, the more the better!

Step 3: Sort

The cables aren't going to magically organize themselves so sort them into piles. This is a good opportunity to find duplicates and think realistically how many of each type of cable you really need. A conservative number would be about 6. 'Cause the most used ones are already at your desk, bedside, kitchen so whatever is in these pouches will be spares or cables you rarely use. There's no need to keep so many. And guaranteed, more will show up. I have to declutter and prune my cable stash every few years and am always surprised how many I amass.

Step 4: Bundle Everything

Bundle everything neatly with cable ties or elastics. You don't want them to be tangled while in the pouch. Keeps them separate and easy to grab.

Step 5: Hang Your Shoe Organizer

Some come with hooks to hang over the door. My door has some screws already on it so I used them to hold the organizer in place.

Step 6: Place in Pockets

Place your items in the pockets or pouches. Try to put the heavier things in the bottom. Put more common things at eye level. And things you don't need at the top. So in my case, USB cables for charging things go at eye level since that's what I try to find most of the time.

Step 7: Other Uses

You can use this method to organize things other than cables. Like cleaning supplies, food or miscellaneous items. These things have been amazing. I've converted kitchen drawers into this as well. Scissors, dusters, all are easy to find and organized. And if you ever move... just roll up the organizers and that's it!

Step 8: Finished

I love these things and have really decluttered my home of mundane items. This should help you find the items you need much quicker than digging through a drawer. Hope you found it useful! Watch the video to see it in action.

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