Shoe Rack in a Crate, 5 Minutes

Introduction: Shoe Rack in a Crate, 5 Minutes

Ok, I don't really have much shoes, but I have a tiny flat. Thats why my 2 pairs + sandals were making to much folks = I decided to put some order. So I decided to make a shoe rack, with a fruit box, or crate, which contents were just eaten ;)

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Step 1: Implements

The implements of construction are quite simple:

  • A crate = wooden fruit or vegetables box, get on in the market.
  • Long nails (I used 6, 3 per side)
  • A hammer
  • Shoes to pack

Step 2: How It Looks Empty

So, just hammer the nails trough the wooden latches, from outside into inside. Consider a certain angle upwards, I used kind of 20-30 degrees, so the shoes don't glide off.

Maybe use a counterpressure on the other side of the latch.

If you have a drill at hand, you can use it to avoid the thin wood to split because of the nail. I actually did that, with a bit slightly less than the nail diameter, so they fit tight.

Step 3: And Full

I hung the shoes in pairs, in parallel. Frontmost the sandals. And there was place for the slippers underneath ;)

By the way: of course it is recomendable to protect your shoes from the sharp nail point. You can use a grinder to file it, or, with less effort: a top of a glue like Uhu, or isolating tape, masking tape, etc.

Step 4: And the Extra Bonus Track: a Bedside Table

I love wooden crates.... quite handy they are.

Made also a wardrobe with them, just with plastic lead seals, and gonna make a kitchen drawer with them.
From the first one, the made, I took the pictures to publish it here, gonna make it :)

Hope this was useful for somebody.

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