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Introduction: Shoe Shelf

This is a short instructable about this shoe shelf I put together. First , let me say I got this idea from another Instructable.

I admired the original idea and wanted to build one myself because my family has a large pile of shoes at the front door of our house. I expanded on the other Instructable by making it bigger and more finished.

I used 2x4 lumber, pine and dowels. I cut the lumber at a 15* angle and used biscuit joints and glue to hold the leg/struts together.

I used a drill press to make the holes for the dowels. The dowels are 5/8th wide. The center leg is drilled all the way through. The side leg's holes are drilled 1/2" in to the wood .

The legs and dowels are sanded, 150, 220, 400 grit.

The dowels are glued in to the holes after being centered in the middle leg. The center leg has no glue. The stain and poly coat seal the middle leg and dowels together.

I did not have a long enough clamp to hold it all together , so I whacked the sides with a rubber mallet to seat the dowels. I did not wipe off the glue well enough and it affected the final stain coating unfortunately . I used warm water and a rag to wipe the glue off, but I probably should have sanded it down again too...Not really to big of a deal though...

After the glue dried, it was stained with Minwax red mahogany and then polycoated .

Now , our shoes are at peace.

Thank you.

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    3 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Very neatly done.


    5 years ago

    great idea! very useful thing to make. the dimension details could be enhanced.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    The picture with all of the shoes actually on the shelves is awesome. And inspiring!