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Introduction: Shoe Box Storage

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I'm cheep and I'm poor, but after receiving multiple cameras for my collection, I wanted to display them. Who wouldn't? So being on a budget, I obviously started looking for cheaper ways. All you need is shoe boxes, and a staple gun, or something to stick the shoe boxes to the wall.

Step 1: Cut Up the Box

there are many different ways to cut into the lid. Now you may be wondering, if you are cutting the lid to see inside, why not go without? That's easy, structure. I've made a few without the lid, and if you wish to place something on top, it will just fall out.

you can cut a big window, it even multiple ones.

Step 2: Secure

so if you don't somehow secure the lid, it will undoubtedly fall off. You can do this in many ways. Super glue, all sorts of tape, staples, sugru, and even hot glue. Just make sure it is all nice and secure, or it will fall off.

You could always leave the lid uncut if you wanted even. things can go ontop, and even inside.

Step 3: Put It on the Wall

Basically now that is left is to put them on the wall in any shape of fashion you wish. I did it in the criss cross formation, so I could put stuff on top of the boxes. I used a staple gun and just stapled them into the wall. You can use screws, nails, or even some of that cool little putty stuff. How ever you want to get it into the wall, go for it!

So that's it, enjoy your new shelves!

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