Shoe Shine

Introduction: Shoe Shine

This is called "Shoe shine" but I call it Polishing your Boots. But that's just because I'm an equestrian.

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Step 1: Materials

The stuff that you need!

Materials needed:

1. Shoes or boots to be shined/polished
2. Two clean rags or cloths. (The second for the creme.)
3. Boot brush
4. Polish brush
5. Shoe polish in a color that corresponds with the shoes that you are polishing; either the kind that comes in a little block in a tin or the kind that is creme. The kind in a tube is pretty self-explanatory.

Step 2: Creme Shoe Polish

Instructions for the Creme (you might want to wear pants that you don't mind getting dirty and do this on the floor as it makes a mess):

1. Take one of the rags and relieve the shoe of all excess dirt and dust.
2. Take the other rag apply the shoe polish to the shoe rubbing in small circles.
3. Let the boot sit while you do the other boot. Try to let the second boot sit a little longer after you have buffed the first boot as buffing doesn't take quite as long as shining.
4. Set the second boot aside. Use the boot brush to buff the first boot. Remember to use long strokes that go beyond the edge of the boot.

Step 3: Block Shoe Polish

Instructions for the block (this may be as messy as the creme but usually not quite. it is still wise to use the polish on the floor and to wear old pants):
1. Again, relieve the shoe of dust and dirt.
2. This time, use the polish brush. Rub the bristles gently into the polish and apply to the boot in small circles.
3. Set the first boot aside and let it sit as you polish the second boot.
4. Use the boot brush to buff the first boot. Remember to use long strokes that go beyond the edge of the boot.

Step 4: Note

The reason that the pictures are dated as they are is that my camera eats up battery power and so I take the batteries out when I'm not using it. However, when I put the batteries back in and turn the camera on, the date and time resets.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    could you post a picture of the toe to see how shiny it really is?


    10 years ago on Introduction

    To keep my hands clean, I either use a pair of rubber gloves or a plastic grocery store bag. I also finish up with a conditioner/waterproof paste and buff with a soft cloth.