Shoe Sole? No, Bike Mud Flap!




Introduction: Shoe Sole? No, Bike Mud Flap!

About: I'm from Italy and... And I love to cook, ride bike (and repair) and build whatever I can think of building; even if I'm not able to do it or I don't have the necessary equipment! :D

As happens to many other people the rear fender of my bike didn't cover enough. Result? Clothes to be washed every ride with wet roads! So, after seeing some Instructables about it, I finally decided to make it...
Remembering of some half shoe soles seen in grandma's closet, I decided to make the mud flap recycling one of them. All I used to building is:

- the rear fender of the bike;
- measuring tape;
- a sheet of paper, a pencil and a ruler;
- caliber;
- a pair of scissors or a cutter;
- an half rubber sole for shoes (as I said I found it in grandma's closet, so I don't know where you can buy it);
- drill and bits;
- riveter and rivets.

And this is the result!



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