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Introduction: Shoebox Cable Sorter

I find shoeboxes handy for all sorts of things, but they look kind of messy if you just leave them with the manufacturers branding on them. There are a couple of these tutorials on here which have toilet roll inserts to divide up the space. I think it's a bit of a waste of space in the box and you'd need to spend time collecting toilet roll inserts to do the project unless they were lying around. In the end I just cut up a corrugated cardboard box.

This is my first Instructable and it's more a way to build on some other ones I've seen. Also I'd probably put in more pictures while I was making it if I knew that I'd be posting it here!

Anyway I hope you like it!

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Step 1: Turn Your Shoebox Inside Out.

This is covered in more detail in an Instructable elsewhere.

Some people have commented that it was a kind of boring post, but it's quite clever if you don't want to cover the box.

Step 2: Make Some Cardboard Dividers.

Obviously this depends on the size and number of compartments that you want. I cut a notch every 5cm along and it seemed to do the trick. The one in the middle is bigger to fit cables with plugs and to allow use of the cut-out handle at the end of the box.

Step 3: Label the Box.

I noticed that the New Balance shoebox I used has a nifty little cut-out on the edge of the lid so you can label what's inside. If it doesn't have one already it a nice touch to cut one out and put a label behind.

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