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Introduction: Shoelace Bracelet

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Easy idea to re-use,re-purpose and re-style old stuff.To start with, Old shoelaces can be up cycled to form a pretty hand bracelet. This DIY-project is very inexpensive and easy to make.
Can be gifted too, i have made this for my cousin sister.She is really crazy about bangles,bands and bracelets (which almost hides whole wrist :D ). There are few other alternatives u can use too for making the bracelet like jute string,wool,laces etc.

hope u like this tutorial

Step 1: Materials

  • old shoelace - 1 (round laces look better than flat 1s)
  • lighter
  • decorative stuff (optional)
and most important thing "patience"

Step 2: Steps

Step 3: End Result

this is how it turned.



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