Shooter Batch Game

By the Creators of BankRobbery.exe we present, or I present a shooter game! So you have bow and arrow and your goal is to shoot a target! There is a power level to how hard or light you are shooting the bow! There is only 2 levels because they take a long time to develop. Think about 9x2=18 now make that many animations, I know its hard....

Step 1: Download

First you click the Shooter.exe whatever it is and run it! That simple....

Step 2: Have Fun

Hopefully you will have fun playing my game. The reason I encrypt my games because all game developers do it and so you can't change several lines and make it say you created it.



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    3 Discussions


    Question 8 months ago

    How do you make the icon?


    2 years ago

    Upload batch, not exes. It tends to make us believe its MaLwArE.