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About: I made a beer mug with only a knife & a hatchet. I think that says a lot about me.

I'd like to dedicate this I'ble to my good friend Tarun Upadhyaya, to honor him with his Featured Author Contest.

Instead of doing my own stuff and making something that probably only me, myself and I would like, I've tried to put myself - for the first time in my life - in the head of another person, aka Tarun.

What I saw there scared me a lot. I even don't want to think about it again. And even less to tàlk about it.

Immediately I blamed plate tectonics by having driven the Indian subcontinent into Eurasia, crushing ocean floor, forming the Himalaya's AND creating a dry passage from India to Europe, my space. Knowing that Tarun could easily walk from Delhi to Belgium made me completely anxious.

Again, I became very, very scared - cold sweat and all that stuff. But, instead of trying to move to another continent to enlarge the distance between me and my friend, I decided to put thrust in friendship and to overcome my fears.

So I started drinking.

And writing this Instructable.


I know he loves colours, that he has a very creative mind, that he's inspired by nature - though he doesn't know it yet, and that he loves simple above too much too engineered.

So I came up with this very simple, colourful, and even Bricobart'ish project.

Enjoy, AND VOTE!!!

Step 1: Gettin' Supplies

Making this lamp is really simple. You just need colourful shooter glasses and a handful of spots and compatible sockets.

As you see, the shooter glasses I used are bottom-less. That's because, in fact, they're just leftovers from another project. Yes Tarun, I made this lamp with rubbish. Colourful rubbish.

It sounded like a nice idea to me to turn these glass tubes into something that would take profit of their nice 'petaled' bottom. So I decided to transform them in a kind of flower-ish lamp.

Step 2: Drilling Me Softly

Yep, that's the price to pay for this lamp. You'll have to start drilling...

Once the drilling's done, use some sanding paper to smoothen the drilled zone and clean it all properly.

Step 3: Stick Together

In a previous contest I was happy to win this so called industrial 'E6000' super glue. Since I'm that kind of guy who never believes something untill he has tested it by his own - I did a lot of stuff that hurted very badly when I was a child, especially with my naive neighbour friends, haha - I waited for a good opportunity to put this glue to the test.

So I glued the glasses directly to the spots. No risk, no fun.

I'm satisfied. It actually glues glass to glass.

Step 4: Grow That Grape

After a few hours the glue seemed to have cured and I assembled the whole, creating a kind of 'grape' with the spots linked together.

You don't need to use these speed connectors, common connectors will do the same job.

Step 5: Leave a Light On

Put some music (yes I grew up in the eighties, and proud of it), have a good single malt, invite the dog in the couch, use some current and enjoy that colourful lamp you just made.

Hope you like this project as much as I do. It turned out a lot better than I expected. My opinion.

But I still blame those plate tectonics...



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    4 years ago

    You should make a instruct able on how to throw a boomerang


    Reply 4 years ago

    I'm glad to be back too, full time 'ibling for the next 7 weeks, but I'm afraid after that more breaks like this will have to follow..


    Reply 4 years ago

    Second last year of my VWO, which means a lot of schoolexams, that basically make up 50% of my final mark in two years

    Don't forget that periods of creativity are stimulating for all that mental effort. Sometimes it's good & useful to switch that brain to another channel to hit the work to come with boosted forces... Good luck, curious to your projects to come! ;)


    4 years ago

    Where to find this glue?

    Oh my dear friend,

    I am so much moved, honored, touched, happy, proud of you and this ible you dedicated to me. I am actually kind of short of vocabulary to say all the nice things for you that I can :)

    I read this ible like 5 times and enjoyed every word of it. You are so right I don't know many things about me and that when good friends finds me to let me know :).

    I think same goes for you, You never knew that you can make such an amazing colorful lamp out of colorful rubbish ;). I hope the lighting bug keep on pushing you to make more such wonderful creation. May be something that combines your TreeKnex with lights :)

    I am honored to know that I inspired you. I want colors everywhere, friends like you bring new colors to life when the rainbow of creativity starts to fade (usually happens when unicorn's are too drunk and on vacation :D).

    Rest assured that our the contest will not affect our friendship. You only told me that the journey is important not the destination :).

    Tonight I will toast the glass of red wine (sorry no beer this time) for you, imagining that we both are sitting next to fire and you are proudly holding beer sitting on your Stump Throne :)

    Thank you for being such an awesome inspiration.

    P.S: I hate those plate tectonics too.

    and if you are wondering who is the tiger . It's you :)

    2 replies

    Glad you like it my friend - even though you're not supposed to know that I hate hughs, ask my wife :D

    No need to be honored, either. We have all our specialities and on this site we're all equal. There are just different stages of learning.

    And knowing that this I'ble hasn't influenced your judgement in the contest, you'd better let me win. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!


    I can tell that Tarun's work was an inspiration for you in this contest! I love that you branched out and tried something you wouldn't normally do. This is what we were hoping for when we decided to do these featured author contests.

    2 replies

    Thanx Danger, glad I interpreted the meaning of this contest-not-like-the-others in the spirit for which is was created. To be honest, I've waited till the end to participate - like I already said to Tarun - because I felt slightly uncomfortable because of the potential interference between judging and friendship. I didn't want to 'exploit' our friendship, you understand? After a good discussion with him I finally pushed this project through, so...