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Introduction: Shooting Gun Rest

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my Fellow Instructables. Why Go and buy a New Gun Rest? $300 $500 Dollars?

I Decided To Make One. total Cost $40 Dollars

Im Using Metal Tubing 2/3.4 inches by 1 And 28 inches Long.

Step 1: The Build Up

i Used a 28 inch long Rectangle pc of metal tubing for the body. On one end i welded a 4 inch pc Going up.

This is the Back support and i also welded two triangle Pcs For extra strength

On the bottom of the back support i pt a 1 inch long nut and a long Bolt to adjust the Back Up and Down

The Front has another Pc 5 inches Tall and two one inch long Nuts to hold the screw that makes the top move

Up And Down.

i welded a small triangle on the bottom of the front Pc For extra support.

And a 4 inch long plate that supports the Front of the gun.

But after making it it moved way to much so i changed the design

Step 2: Front Support

Found a door hinge and this worked perfect No more movement.

by moving the screw the plate moves Up And Down notice the stained wood that will hold the Foam.

Step 3: Foam Support

This foam came from a foam mat.

using my band saw cut the Pcs for the front and back supports

Step 4: Paint...

last step Some Matt green Paint

and she is Done.

Step 5: Tools and Materials.

Rectangular Metal Tubing 40 inches long by 2 3/4 and 1 inch

3mm thick metal for the Legs and top base.

3 1 " long Nuts and Two 5 " Bolts


Ribbets, Ribbet Gun,


Grinder,Bech grinder,

Band Saw

Safety Gear. glasses,Boots , Gloves,Ear muffs

Welding Machine.

Paint Respirator,

Now Go And Make Something.

Step 6: Front Legs

Made a Cardboard template and then Cut the Legs out of metal. Two of them.

we;red the legs to the Body and place a bottom base on the legs

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    4 years ago

    really nice Thats impressive looking...I'm making one out of wood sit a recess in it for barrel to rest only thing I can think for the back butt pad is a bench bicycle rest 28th 3 spings on it.I'm gluing it all so it will be a while about 2-3 more days and I have to make trip to pops house(he's got all the fancy wood toyd) and router out a recess for the barrel and bullet rack I'll add to side for my .45mag cva optima pro