Shop Air Filter on Wheels

No one likes to breath shop dust or track it all over the house. That's why I use a "belt and suspenders approach" for dust management. I collect most of the dust at the power tool and then collect the filter airborne particles with my Shop Air Filter on Wheels.

This is a project that has evolved over the last fifteen years. The commercial air filter was designed to hang from the ceiling, but I modified it to roll between workstations in my basement and garage. Space is limited in my shop so, ideally everything has multiple purposes. This mobile air filter also has a clampable flat work surface and a power strip for other tools. The filter is controlled by a 1, 5, 10 15, 20, 30 minute timer.

Lastly, the commercial unit required a proprietary disposable air filter that fit into the metal channel. My design allows it to work with a 12x24x1 filter that is available at all home improvement centers.

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