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About: I am disabled and can't be on my feet for very long so I only do what I can. I am kind of just starting to really get into woodworking. I have been making hillbilly smoking pipes and walking sticks and canes...

First . I found this old shelf in a dumpster just down the street from my house. So I grabbed it and brought it home. I took the front facing shelf edge off so I could sand it all down easier.

Second . I slowly took my time sanding every inch of the shelf and even got in the small grooves around the back and the front facing parts.

Third. After I got it all sanded down I started drilling the holes for my files , chisels , carving knives, drywall saw, speed square , and all my pencils for marking out my lines.

Forth. I made a bracket for one of my other speed squares. And also to hold my pencils , carving knives and files I cut the bottoms and tops out of old pill bottles that I have dozens of. I figured I kept the pill bottles for crafting and other things and the way I have them in the shelf they are just the right sizes for what I am using them for.

Fifth. I sat the shelf in my homemade Moxon vise between two 2x4's and glued the front part on the shelf . The 2x4's I used as a stable and strait way to hold the whole shelf without any movement. I also built a two tier shelf inside of the mane shelf for my sanding pads. And I also glued the inner shelf and clamped it and let it sit for 24 hours just to make sure the glue was going to hold.

Fifth. I also used a small nail hammered to the back wall of the shelf to hold my torpedo level. I also used the outer small shelf wall to put four of my smaller spring clamps on so I can find them easily . I just left the shelf the natural wood color because I love the looks of the wood grain that shows up. And it also give off that wonderful pine smell in the shop.

I am hopping I find another one like this one so I can turn it into a shelf also.



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    ulma doctor

    3 years ago

    i love turning trash into treasure, you made an excellent repurpose project of that one!


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    bigbrute2022005ulma doctor

    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you. My father works for a city recycling center and he finds all sorts of great thing. I learned to save and up-cycle from him. And they say dumpster diving is nasty lol.