Shop Droppin' Stenciled Toilet Paper.




This instructable will show you how to:

Make a quick stencil.
Slick stencilig here.

Stick it to toilet paper.

Stuff the cardboard tube with seeds.

Shop drop it.

This project is intended to make a comment on waste and energy management. But it can also be fun to do silly stuff. Your call.


Step 1: Materials.

Crapboard (I looked for scrap piece of cardboard...don't buy new to do this)
Adhesive label paper.
Pen. (Can get fancier and design it in your computer)
Cardboard cutter. (...even fancier and laser cut it)
Glue. (gluestick or whatever suits your mood)
Seeds. (Coriander/Cilantro shown here)
Toilet paper!

Step 2: Cutting Cardboard.

Write down whatever you want to say, in this case I wrote:

Selva.} Selva means rainforest in spanish :D

And cut it carefully, make sure you have a sharp knife and a safe place to cut. Avoid slippery surfaces. Find yourself a piece of wood to cut on, or a cuttiing board.

Again, if you want a slick stencil, read this: Slick stenciling

Step 3: Testing Stencil.

Make sure you test your stencil, it'll give you an understanding of the feeling of the cardboard, you might need a thicker one, or you might need to add extra cardboard in order to hold it better, or to attach it to something. In this case I had to add some extra cardboard with tape because I thought I needed a hinge to wrap the cardboard around the adhesive label paper to hold it still while spraypainting it.

Step 4: Cutting the Adhesive Paper.

I bought letter sized adhesive label paper (8.5" x 11" or 21.6cm x 27.9cm) and had to cut it in half along the long side, so I ended up with two pieces measuring 4.25" x 11" or 10.8cm x 14cm, which is a perfect size to wrap around the toilet paper, it covers pretty much all the main labels.

Step 5: Get Ready, the Time Has Come!

Rady to stencil it?


...don't forget to wear the mask!!!!

See the wrapping thingie I mentioned before? 2nd picture.

You can tag at will if you want too as well.

Step 6: Peeling + Sticking.

You've got the adhesive paper stenciled, and the toilet paper is screaming to be tagged.

Step 7: Sowing Seeds Instructions + Custom Envelopes.

Print the instructions of how to sow the seeds, I used Cilantro/Coriander seeds, make sure you print the instructions big enough to make envelopes with the printouts, and to fit a bunch of seeds per envelope...people should be able to grow their own plants from your seeds. Make the envelope first, then put the seeds inside, the picture I posted is just for the sake of clarity, but if you want it complicated...

Step 8: Stuffing.

Envelopes are ready, toilet paper rolls are ready, got to mix them both now, and pack them.

Step 9: Shop Dropping.

Select a target.

Step 10: Drop 'em!

You're here, no runaways now, walk in with confidence and leave your peaceful gift. Let people come to it and see your project going houses you'll never set a foot in.

Step 11: Say Goodbye.

Bye bye, and thank you K-Mart.



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    11 Discussions


    11 years ago on Introduction

    awesome. whats even neater if you were to use cheap cheap toilet paper like the recycled stuff that doesn't feel great. you could literally just put the whole thing in the ground becuase the cheap toilet paper isn't pumped full of chemicals to mess of the environment and the toilet paper is very biodegradable and the seeds could use it for nutrients. well minus the spray paint at least. but regardless very very very very awesome.


    12 years ago

    slightly creepy, but interesting idea. Too bad the smallest package of toilet paper you can get around here is a 4-pack.

    2 replies

    Reply 12 years ago

    You go, pick up your free toilet paper, use it and grow cilantro. Cool ain't it!? But yes, it can cause uneasiness. :D


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah i'd not take it off a shelf. But this would be a funny party favor or present for someone who has 'everything'. I'd put in a seed packet, but redo the envelope to be like Money Tree seeds or something silly like that.


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Hulk Smash!... LOL green thumb... so many jokes so little time...


    12 years ago

    cool idea, but maybe putting a note saying something like "yes, it really is up for grabs. take it." I know that if I saw these on a store shelf, I would not feel comfortable simply picking something up off the shelf and not paying for it.


    12 years ago

    I hope you didnt do this while your thumb was still green. :) And why the seeds? I guess I dont get it.


    12 years ago

    cool idea but i know around here the store management would pull the free stuff from the would have to put these at peoples doorsteps or somewhere that free stuff is allowed


    12 years ago

    yay personalized toilet paper!