Shop Safety Kit Made From Surplus Tool Case


Introduction: Shop Safety Kit Made From Surplus Tool Case

About: I'm a retired mechanical engineer, woodworker, boater, and inventor. Now I'm getting into wood turning, and have found that all my wood projects need not be flat and square.

My latest power tool, a random orbit sander, came with a canvas case.  Well, that’s nice, another tool case, but I already had several canvas cases. Then I realized it would be perfect for organizing safety equipment. I have plenty of safety gear, but it was often not at hand when it was needed. I decided to use the new bright orange canvas case to store hearing protection, safety glasses, leather and rubber gloves, dust masks, and the like.  I now keep my new safety kit conveniently located near my power tools where it can’t be overlooked. And the kit can go with me anywhere I have a project, rather than having to search around for the right safety gear.



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    Gracias, Osvaldo -

    Algunas veces lo que digo y lo que hago no son los mismos.

    Había una sierra de mesa tiro de volver la semana pasada.
    (I had a table saw kick back last week).

    Wow, that could be very dangerous! Beware (surely you knows the saying "Physician, heal thyself").

    Tu Ingles es excelente: "Physician, heal thyself" : "Médico, cúrate a ti mismo", verdad?

    Ahora tengo un recuerdo en mi estómago, el contorno de la madera contrachapada de 12 mm.