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About: English is not my first language. I use Google Translator and patience of friends to write Instructables. Feel free to point out style, syntax or grammatical errors. Actually I work in TECHSHOP Menlo Park C...

I learn it at TechShop Menlo Park!  

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Step 1: Sunday Morning in La Honda, CA Where I Live

Step 2: Taking Care of My Animal With My Wife

Step 3: Came to TECHSHOP

Step 4: Get My Task for Today: Do Partes at ShopBot (alone)

Getting message from Justin left at front desk with Chris

Step 5: Going Inside and Meet Ben (last Time I Meet Ben I Was Member, Now I Am Staff :)

Step 6: Put My Tupperware in the Refrigerator

Step 7: Drinking a Coffee in the Clay Way

Step 8: Okay, That Is the Machine I Will Work Today

Brief description of potentialities

Step 9: Turn on the Computer (computer Control the ShopBot)

Step 10: Ops, Running Back to Front Desk and Get the ShopBot Kit

Chris always sympathetic :)

nice work with happy people :)

Step 11: Message Understood and Ready to Start

Step 12: Mounting the Bit in the Router


This page value this full instructable

Step 14: First Put the Bic in the Router

Step 15: Than Put the Bit in the Bic

Step 16: Gorilla Tie

Step 17: Put Toolbox Aside

Step 18: Copy the Working Files From the Memory Stick to the Computer Desktop

At Techshop every time you turn of a computer ALL saved members files are deleted 

Step 19: Open ShopBot

Step 20: Ops,

Step 21: Turn on the Machine

Step 22: Now Is Okay Retry Conection Between Computer and Machine

Step 23: Zero X and Y Axes Proximity Switches

Step 24: Zero Z Axis With Zero Plate

Step 25: Take Safe Plate From Support

Step 26: Put Under the Bit

Step 27: And Press OKAY

Step 28: Send Router Back "Home" Position

Step 29: Put the Board Over the Machine

Step 30: Zero Out the Board in the Sacrify Board

Step 31: Screw It

Step 32: Turn on "Tufonio"

Step 33: Turn on "Suckineo"

Step 34: Load the File

Step 35: Start Cut

Step 36: Turn on the Router

Step 37: Hit OKAY

Step 38: And the Job Will Be Done Soon

Step 39: After Job Done, Move the Plate Out

Step 40: Take the Broom at Wall

Step 41: Sweep Very Well the Plate Support

Step 42: Blow

Step 43: Load a New Plate and Repeat the Process With All Draws

Step 44: While the Machine Cut One Piece, Take the Cut Parts From the Other

Step 45: Put Scrap Outside

Step 46: And After Everithing Done, Clean Up and Storage the Parts Close the Router to Bur, DONE :)

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