Shopping Bag VHS Tape Upcycled

Making a bag out of recycled material - the outcome is very cool and yet very strong in its crochet texture!

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Step 1: 1. Find Some Old VHS' and Take Out the Tape of the Casette

I've used a hammer to knock the front of the VHS, to get to the actual tape

Step 2: 2. Then Crochet the Tape Exactly How You Like It

it's possible to Nit it too :)

Step 3: And Voila - You Have Yourself a Really Cool New Shopping Bag Upcycled!

this one i put next to a bunch of egg to show the size of it

Step 4: The Amazing Thing About This Finished, Is That It in Its Structure Is Exstremely Strong!

and it looks all glittery too :D

Step 5:



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    3 years ago

    My mom started making me a vest like this in 2014 and died in August 2015 before she could finish it. She kept telling me it was dangerous to wear because it was very flammable and that the plastic would absorb into my skin. So now I wonder if there's a way to paint/coat it so it's neither a fire hazard or leaking into my skin if/when I sweat wearing it for performance on stage. This looks awesome; I'll show you some pictures of it when I find it and finish the crocheting myself! wWw.185668232.oRg


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Old magnetic tape is a polymer plastic with layers of metals on it. When these toxic metals shed "black dust" skin absorption or inhalation is possible.The layers of metals that create 'black or brown dust" contain cobalt, chromium, and iron and all can be toxic. Your work is beautiful, but safety first.