Short Cut to Do a English Christmas Bread Pudding




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When you have left over bread instead of throwing it away then the bread is dry you can make a bread pudding.Its a easy way to do a English Christmas pudding.

Step 1: Materials

You will need 1 pound of left over bread.

1 jar of Orange Marmalade( )

2 cups of warm milk.

2 large eggs

1 cups of raisins

1 spoon of oil.

2 tbsp of sugar

Step 2: Step by Step Ingredients

You need to warm up some milk.Soak the bead in the warm milk. When the bread is competly soggy add the eggs.Than the full jar of Marmalade.After that add the raisins. Mix well for at least 1 min.

Step 3: Temperature of Oven

Put in the oil in a baking dish ,spreed the oil every were in the dish. Than sprinkle the sugar on top.Than add the dow on top.Put it in the oven 45 min. at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 4: When It Is Ready

let it cool for at least 10 min. Its very good warm but you can eat it cold too. Enjoy!!



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    Timothee Gillier

    2 years ago

    Work on the grammar and the pictures and you could get better results!