Short Hairstyle From Long Hair Without Cutting




About: Hello, my name is Aniela and I want to warmly welcome you %(^-^)%. I love widely understood DIY. I hope my tutorials will help you making your life better and funnier.

Do you have long hair but from time to time you would like to change image and pretend to have short hair. You don't need to use scissors ! This hairstyle may be your answer :-)

Step 1: What Do You Need for This Hairstyle ?

You need:

  1. elastic hair tie
  2. ribbon

Step 2: How to Begin?

tie the ends of the hair with hair binder

tie the long ribbon to it

Step 3: What to Do With the Ribbon?

grab the ends of the ribbon and roll up

to the shoulders line

Step 4: How to Finish the Hairstyle?

tie the ends of the ribbon


if you don't like ribbons choose some other material

Step 5: How the Ready ''bob'' Hairstyle Looks Like?

voila! fake ''bob'' hairstyle is ready :-)



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