Shorts Into Carry Sack

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Step 1: Introduction

Have you ever needed a bag to carry your things or gatherings but you don't have anything handy? Well here is an easy instructable that will come in handy in most situations.

Step 2: Materials

What you will need:
-string or twine
-shorts or pants
-knife (use adult supervision if needed)
-straps (I haven't put any on mine)
-buttons or buckles (not shown in the picture)

Step 3: Start Cutting

What you need to do is:
Using your knife or scissors, cut the inside of the shorts or pants legs so it can be separated then stitched

Step 4: Start Stitching

Now you need to stitch the front halfs of the legs together and then stitch the back halfs together. Next you need to stitch the bottom together.

Step 5: Trimming

Now you need to trim the excess material from near the stitches

Step 6: Adding Buttons or Buckles

For this step I used some clip buttons that I had in the shed. What you need to do is cut some holes so you can attach the clip buttons

Step 7: Done

You have finished your carry sack now you can attach your straps if you want to.

Thank you for viewing my 1st instructable please feel free to ask questions.



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