Shot Glass Tray Display

Introduction: Shot Glass Tray Display

Today I'm going to make a shot glass tray display.

I made this at the TechShop!


Chop Saw

Drill Press

Hole Saw Bit (1 3/4")

Belt Sander

Wood Glue

Nail Gun


Wood (I used pine, because that's what I had available for free in the wood scrap pile!)

Shot Glasses (I used a octagonal designed shot glass, bought at IKEA)

Alcohol (Woody Creek 100% Potato Vodka)

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Step 1: Picking Your Wood & Cutting It Down

I grabbed some pine wood out of the scrap wood pile at TechShop.

The piece I grabbed looked as if it was originally intended to be a cabinet door with a raised panel.

I trimmed the recessed areas, to leave just that raised section. (Leaving me with a nice routed edge).

From there, I measured the bottom piece at 12" by 4".

The top piece I made was 10" by 4".

To create little legs, I found another scrap piece of wood in a 3" by 3" block.

I cut this piece in half, making 2-1.5" by 3" legs.

Step 2: Drilling Out the Holes

After spacing the shot glasses with a 1/4" gap between lids, I marked and drilled out the 4 shot glass holes.

To do this, I used a 1 3/4" hole saw bit on the drill press.

Now I'm sure that there's a better option to make the holes, if I were to make this project again. (Like the laser)

Since the hole saw didn't make the world's smoothest hole, I did run the top along the belt sander to clean up the side that'll show.

Step 3: Running Into a Problem

After mocking up the base, the legs and the top, I noticed that the end 2 shot glasses were being blocked by the legs.

So I took the legs and put them together to form the original block.

I then took a shot glass and traced the rim symmetrically on each block.

From there, I took it over to the band saw and cut out the rounded notches.

Step 4: Assembly

Now that I fixed the legs, I wood glued them onto the base and the top piece.

From there, I shot 2 nails from the bottom going up to secure it.

(Make sure to shoot the nails from the bottom, so it doesn't show on the top board!)

Now just to set the shot glasses in and start having fun!

-Shout out to Woody Creek Distillers in Colorado for the awesome Vodka!

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