Shotgun Forend Strap

Introduction: Shotgun Forend Strap

A "forend" strap may be attached to a pump shotgun for increased control when cycling the action and in some tactical situation.

What you'll need:
i. Shotgun with pump action.
ii. Nylon Strap
iii. Sharp knife or heavy weight scissors
iv. Soldering iron
v. long stem butane lighter (barbeque lighter)
vi. #6 x 1/2" metal or wood screws & #6 finish washers.
vii. Variable speed drill with drill bit for pilot hole drilling, no bigger than 3/16 of an inch
viii. Ruler

1. The shotgun I used is a Mossberg and has a resin forend.
2.  I recycled a nylon strap (approximately 4cm wide) from an old discarded bag.
3. You can purchase the screws and washers at any hardware store.
4.  Measure out approximately 22 to 24 cm of strap and cut.  I used a very sharp knife to cut the nylon in one pass, though heavy gauge sewing scissors will work also.
5. With a long stem butane lighter (barbeque lighter) burn the end of the strap at the cut edge.  If you cut both end burn both ends. This will seal the ends and prevent fraying.
6.  Approximately 1.5cm from the end of the strap place the two washers.  I used my calibrated eyeball to get them even.
7.  With the hot soldering iron, press through the nylon to make a hole in the center of each washer. Remove the washers and check the back of the strap to ensure there's a clean hole. If not, with the soldering iron again, carefully clean up the hole.
8.  Perform steps 6 & 7 to the other end of the strap.
9.  Now that you have the holes in the strap, get the iron ready again.  Place the strap on the forend in the position you'd like it. Use the iron to make 4 indents in the forend through the holes in the strap.  These indents will keep a drill bit from wondering.
10. With a variable speed drill and a drill bit small enough to serve as a pilot hole bit for the screw, drill holes into the forend. ( I used a 3/16 inch bit.)
11.  Start assembly by combining the screws and washers.
12.  Install one screw at a time through the nylon strap being careful not to over tighten and strip the holes.

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