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This is the shotgun i made. It uses Killerk's shell's that he designed with a part added on to keep the shells a bit more stable. The power for me is pretty good but im using doubled up 32's so with 64's im assuming it would shoot much better and it also works well if you take of the front part and muzzle load it. I managed to work out most of the problems except with the trigger but it has to do with the spacers i just forgot what i was going to do...But anyways it shoots in my opinion the best with 4 blue rods in the shell it a bit more concentrated than 8 whites but either works well.

Pretty powerful with the right bands
Can hold alot of bands
Dual pin guide(its not the best but if you only have grey rods id recommend it)
Uses shells
And its not to piece consuming

Can only hold one shell
With the shells i use the rounds fall out easy I think Killerk fixed this in his newest shells with mini pins.
Trigger doesnt always go up for me but im again figuring its either the spacers or my bands.

Anyways i hope you like it and let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Please rate and Subscribe!

And make sure to read the image notes there really helpful.

Step 1: Barrel/Pin Guide

This is pretty easy to build just build it and note where the spacers go it may sound silly but the whole gun is one spacer to a certain side...But anyways build this.

Step 2: Stock

The stock of the gun its pretty simple and can be modded as you see fit this is how i like it because the bands don't catch on anything.

Step 3: Shell Upper

I don't know what else to call this but it encases the barrel the front is a bit of a guide for the ram. and ps the hinges are optional and can be replaced with red connectors.

Step 4: Front Portion of the Gun

This is the front portion of the gun and is where the shells will be held in.

Step 5: Handle and Lower Shell

By far the only hard part about the gun because of the spacing issue but a quick tip looking down the gun the one extra spacer is on the right...

Step 6: Putting It All Together

Put all of this together to finish the gun itself. shells are the next step

Step 7: Shells

This is just make a shell pop it in and shoot it. ps the ram has to be pulled back before a shell can be put in and i hope you like it!



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    Im not posting anymore updates sorry i got bored of having it and it was as good as i could get it.and for the shells check on killerk's profile its just changing the blue pin to a yellow and putting a ball joint and a silver space on it. and did you build it?


    Ahh yes i was gonna try to do both of those but the magizine shell didnt work because of where the ram is so i tryed replacing the middle section and that didn't work so i gave up on it sorry.


    Well try again later. And you could make a barrel to swap into the gun that has a mag. That would be cool!


    Its already destroyed :/ sorry if you want go ahead and build it and i can try and help you out with it...and that actually was my idea it had some problems since i didnt want to use cut oranges but its pretty easy.

    I like it alot more now that im using the mini pin on my shells so much nicer. I just am not a fan of the trigger but thats all i could think of for the gun. Its really long and kinda weird feeling, but other than that its great.