Shotgun Shell Ring


Introduction: Shotgun Shell Ring

This cheap easy shotgun shell ring is very very simple all you need is a shotgun shell and hot glue to create an awesome ring

Step 1:

First you'll need a shotgun she'll once you get that cut the metal apart from the plastic try to cut it as close as possible without cutting the metal

Step 2:

Then you'll need to cut 3/16 of an inch of the plastic

Step 3:

Then hot glue the plastic to the metal



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    4 Discussions

    Pretty simple. I like how the entire ring is made from the shell. Do you worry about lead at all?

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    If you are worried about lead etc simple wash the shot shells in hot soapy water and then dry. It is important to use how water if you wash the shots shells because the "brass" of the shot shells normally is steel that has been brass washed so it can be prone to rust, hot water assures a quicker and complete drying.

    I don't know about other country's but Canada does not use lead in shot gun shells any more because of the ducks geese and fish eating the pellets. So in Canada you are safe. I think that I will make some rings now. Thank you for this.

    No not at all because the lead isn't even touching you also I don't think this is a ring you are going to wear the rest of your life