Should I Post It?




Introduction: Should I Post It?

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 My first gun that i designed. Can shoot 40 maybe 50 feet with good elastics. It is pump action and the pump actualy works. If you want me to post it just say.

I made a hopper for it 
It holds 15 shots and doesn't jam much. first 2 pics are of it.

Will post within 2 days hopefully I have 6 assignments (2 overdue :) ) due on Monday Nov 9 
Its Posted as My Pump Action Shotgun V.2.5



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    The hopper was also ugly. had to be on top I might try to make it on the side

    I say yes! I really like the pump action, but do you think yyou could make the actual pumb bigger?

    I took it apart so it might be a few days before i post it.

    If the pump works the post it. Im sure that someone might be able to make a working hopper or mag for it.