Shoulder Pad (African)



Introduction: Shoulder Pad (African)

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I use to perform and I think that the clothes gives a better experience to the viewers so I decided to make shoulder pads to complete my outfit. I sewed the clothes too but I forgot to take pictures during the process.

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Step 1: The Base

Actually this are bikini tops that was too small. When I started this process i noticed that the shape was perfect for my shoulders too and I't is much easier to glue on it.

Step 2: The Feather

I used three sizes of feather. I was lucky cause I have a lot of things at home just in case. I wasn't planing to do this pads, but I felt for it and i was happy to have all that I needed at home.

Step 3: Attaching the Feathers

Use hot glue gun and start on the bottom. I used the longest ones first.

Step 4: Keep Working

Step 5: The Rhinestones

The stones looks good but that actually helps to hide the line were the feathers join.

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