Shoulder Pads for Robot Costume

Introduction: Shoulder Pads for Robot Costume

Favorite time of the year is just around the corner! Halloween!!!
Having some last minute ideas from surfing through Ebay, i decided to make a space themed robot costume.
I had been saving up all year so i went ahead and spent it on parts for the costume. Its a bit pricey but its worth it in the end i hope. Had to buy alot of things from ebay so it took a while with all the shipping. I started this project in October and still working on it. For now i will focus on the shoulder pads and chest straps.

Step 1:

Bought these knee pads on ebay used, purely cause of the way they looked. Very robotic and futuristic.  Im going for a white themed robot suit so i had to paint it white using spray paint for plastic from Lowes.

Step 2:

Next, i bought some EL wire color blue from online stores. Using hot glue , i ran the EL wire on the inside of the pads and glued it down to where it only showed on a few opened slits from the outside. Used some black electrical wire to hide most of the EL wire, even on the inside where it cant be seen but the light from the extra EL wire may glow to different parts of the pads, so to avoid the extra glow, i just covered it with tape.

Step 3:

Next, i took the front plastic part of an old computer and a plastic pot. I cut them into the shapes with a siding scissor.  Used a dremel tool to cut the computer plastic cause its harder. Then i painted one piece white for some contrast and placed it on top of the other. Made some holes with dremel drill bits on both pieces of plastic. I used post screws to hold the pieces together. Post screws are awesome!!! And fairly easy to place.

Then i got some old nylon straps from luggage or backpacks. Using a soldering tool, i burnt a hole through the center of the belts to attach it to the plastics, again using post screws. I did this also with the straps that came with the pads and attached them to the plastic shield and used Velcro to attach it to the straps over the shoulders.

Step 4:

Next , for the front part i did the same process as before, i cut out sort of an "X" shape from plastic pots.  Drilled holes on the ends, and also burned holes on the nylon straps. Ran the post screws through both and you're done!  The bottom half of the plastic, i just cut out holes so that the bottom straps could snap on to the plastic.  That way it is easier to take it off and put it on.

Step 5:

Lastly, connect your EL wires to your inverter and turn it on.
This is only the shoulder portion of the costume. Still working on the rest, which ill upload soon.
Also, i wasnt planning on uploading my project anywhere online so most of my pictures are taken quickly and its all messy.
Anyways, Thanks for watching!
Contact me if you need some help or more info.

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